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Need a real estate agent in Sims? Texarkana Star Real Estate is a reputable company in the area. We have helped many Texas and Arkansas residents find and sell their homes. If you are looking for the right company for you to use, you should give us a chance. 

Who Are We?Real Estate Agent in Sims

Texarkana Star Real Estate is a highly recommended Realtor® company in Wake Village, TX. We have three Realtor®s in our office, and they are great at their job. There isn’t a search too tricky for us. We will make sure that you are in your dream home at the end. Our three real estate agents in the office are:

  • Rosa Anderson
  • Karrie Morse
  • Shamille Hendrix

There are many years of experience between us all. Our main goal is to put you, our client, first. Whether you are looking to list a home or buy one, we will help you through the whole process. During this time, you may feel overwhelmed with it all, and we will do our best to take that stress off of you. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Texarkana Star Real Estate is here to help you with anything you need, including answering your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything; we will gladly provide you with the answer you need. Here are a few of the ones that we get often.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

As your Realtor®, we will do everything we can to help you through this journey. Your wants and needs are our priority. Some of the tasks that we will do for you are:

  • Make Appointments For Viewings and Conduct A Walkthrough
  • Advice You On Market Conditions
  • Advice, Guidance, and Assitance 
  • Handle Negotiations
  • Paper Work 
  • And Much More

Do I Need A Realtor® To Sell My Home?

If you are selling your home, you can sell it on your own without a real estate agent. In some cases, it can save you money, as you do not have to pay commission fees. Then in other cases, it could cost you money due to not having the knowledge and inside access. When you hire a Realtor®, the process can go a lot smoother and less overwhelming for you.

Is It Cheaper To Sell Without Your Home Without A Realtor®?

This will vary from house to house. There are some scenarios where this is true, and somewhere it is not. It boils down to your abilities, time, and patience. 

We Love Working With The People In Sims

Sims, AK, is a beautiful area located in Montgomery County. Over the years, we have helped many families in this city find their forever homes or sell them. There are roughly 300 people who live in this unincorporated community. Texarkana Star Real Estate is always happy to work with the people of Sims and the surrounding area.

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